What Do I Do With THAT??
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Welcome to our new feature entitled “What Do I Do With That?” Periodically, we will look at common, yet difficult, items to dispose of and show you what options residents of Howard County have of getting rid of them. Keep in mind, that people living in different areas of the county may have different options than residents in other areas. Also, this may not be an all-inclusive list. We’ve made every effort to call around and research as many options as we can. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at 456-2274, and we will find answers together.

Mattresses, Box Springs, and Large Furniture

While it is true that there are some recycling companies that will recycle mattresses and box springs, the process to do so is very expensive and time consuming. Because of that, the companies that do it are few and far between, and there isn’t one in our area. So in Howard County, mattresses and box springs are considered trash items. Since they are too large to put in your household trash, how do you get rid of them in Howard County?? If they are in good condition, you may be able to donate them or sell them. If not, here are your options.

Residents of Kokomo

Residents of Kokomo who have curbside trash pick-up can call the City of Kokomo Street Department and can schedule a large item pick-up. You must schedule it at least 24 hours in advance, and have the items by the curb before 7:00 a.m. the morning of your regularly scheduled pick-up. If you live in an apartment complex or mobile home park, your complex has trash service through a private provider, not the City of Kokomo, and you will need to check with your management office for rules concerning large item disposal.

Residents of Russiaville and Greentown

The Town of Russiaville and the Town of Greentown both have a contract with Waste Management to provide trash pick-up for residents that live in the town’s limits. This contract includes a Spring and Fall clean-up day/days in May and Oct. Residents should contact their local utility office for specific instructions pertaining to large item pickup and exact dates of those events. If a resident needs to dispose of a mattress or box springs outside of those times, they can contact Waste Management directly for a pick-up for an additional fee.

All Other Residents of Howard County

What if you live outside of these three areas and want to dispose of a mattress or box springs? First, check with your trash provider if you have contracted one. Republic, Waste Management, and On Point all offer a large item pick-up for their existing customers. There is usually an additional fee for this one-time service.

Another option, especially if you have a large quantity of trash you wish to dispose of all at once, is to rent a dumpster or roll-off. These are normally delivered to your house and left for a period of time, then picked up later. Fees vary from company to company, and there are several that service Howard County.

Don’t want to wait for someone to come to you for pick-up? There are two places in Howard County where you can drop off your items. Both places charge a minimum dump fee, and neither place recycles them.

Republic’s Transfer Station              2601 N Davis Road           765-236-0230

Touby Pike Recycling                      1488 Touby Pike               765-454-7600

Each place has requirements, so call ahead for updated information about costs and guidelines.

What NOT to do with My Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Do not dump them on someone else’s property or the side of the road. This is considered illegal dumping and can result in a fine. Plus, it is inconsiderate to your neighbors and unhealthy for our planet.
  • Do not attempt to burn them, even if you live outside of one of the municipalities. It is dangerous, bad for the environment, and illegal in all of Indiana.

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