What Do I Do With That? Leaves!
Working in a spring garden.

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again here in Indiana. The temperatures are falling and so are the leaves. This is the time of year Howard County residents start grabbing their rakes and wondering “What do I do with all these leaves?” Today, we’re going to talk about that.

The Best Thing to do with Leaves

No matter where you live in Howard County, the best thing to do with your leaves is to simply: Leave them be! Leaves form a natural mulch that helps suppress weeds, fertilize the soil, and provides habitats for countless wildlife species, including some butterflies and moths. Worried about leaves smothering your lawn? Try mulching them up into smaller pieces with your lawn mower. The smaller pieces decompose faster, allowing your yard to breath while the leaves feed it. Or, if you like the look of a freshly raked yard, place your leaves in your flower beds or in a compost pile. The leaves will protect your plants from the cold and will help feed them come spring.

Kokomo Residents

What do you do with them if you still want them gone? That depends on where in Howard County you live. City of Kokomo residents should rake them into piles between the sidewalk and the roadway, or in the grass next to the road. The City of Kokomo Street department will begin leaf pick-up on or around Oct 30th. Leaves should never be placed on the street, where they can clog drains during rain or cause traffic hazards. They should also never be placed in your trash or recycle totes. Because of the equipment used to collect the leaves, they should also never be placed in bags.

Greentown Residents

If you are a Resident of Greentown, you can pick up special leaf bags from the Greentown Utility office located at 112 N Meridian St. Filled bags can then be placed at the curb from Oct 1st to Dec 1st for pick-up. Remember, leaf bags should not be placed in your trash or recycling totes, or on the street.  

Russiaville Residents

Residents of Russiaville can also use special leaf bags provided by the Town of Russiaville to bag up their leaves. Just stop by Russiaville Town Hall at 250 N Union St. to pick up your free bags. Bags should never be placed on the curb, in the street, or in trash or recycling totes. Russiaville has a special place for their residents to take bagged leaves for disposal, so check with the folks at Town Hall for that location.

All Residents

No matter where you live in Howard County, residents can always take their leaves to GreenCycle, located at 1130 S Dixon Rd. Leaves must be kept separate from all other yard debris, and can be brought in paper bags or in loose piles. If you chose to transport your leaves in plastic bags, you will be asked to dump the bags and take them with them. GreenCycle is currently open M-F 8-5, but starting November first, they will go to their winter hours of M,W, F 8-5. Each load cost $10.

Remember, there are several ways to deal with the falling leaves here in Howard County. But the best way is to skip the rake and just “Leave the Leaves!” Its good for your lawn, good for Howard County, and great for the environment!


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