Medical Waste

Howard County Recycling District Sharps Recycling Program

The Sharps Recycling Program was developed to:

  • Help you properly dispose of your needles and lancets.
  • Provide an environmentally safe option for disposing of sharps.
  • Prevent injury to humans and animals.
  • Keep Sharps out of household trash and recycling bins.
  • Prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Remove used needles from circulation and prevent the sharing of needles

**It is important to remember that Sharps are only a problem when they are not handled properly**

A bunch of medicine

Simple rules for disposal of sharps the right way:

DO use a container that is puncture resistant and not see through (example: detergent bottle)

DO tape the lid on container and label it “SHARPS” DO keep containers in area that is child and animal proof

DON’T put Sharps in soda cans or bottles, juice bottles, glass containers or milk cartons

DON’T put Sharps containers in your recycling bin.

DON’T flush needles down the toilet

DON’T throw loose needles or lancets into the recycling bin or trash

**This Sharps Recycling Program is for private citizens only, not health care providers or businesses.**

As with all other uses of the Recycling Centers, only individuals who pay the Solid Waste Assessment as part of their property tax may participate. Generally speaking, most, but not all, property owners in unincorporated portions of the county meet the requirement. Names, addresses, and license plate numbers of individuals may be verified to ensure that only those people paying the Assessment use the service. ABSOLUTELY, No Loose sharps will be accepted at the Recycling District. You will NOT be permitted to transfer sharps from one container to another or to place loose sharps into containers on the Recycling District property. You may drop off your sharps at the Howard County Recycling District located at 4102 Cartwright Drive in Kokomo.