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We all use batteries, you know the ones that we use in our flashlights, portable radios and CD-Players as well as other portable equipment. What do we do with them when they no longer provide power, if they are the rechargeable kind we put them in a charger and use them over again. But even these kind, at some point, are no longer able to do their job properly. So what do we do with them, throw them away in the trash and have them hauled to the landfill? I don't think so! They need to be disposed of in a way that is safe not only for the Earth, but for our children and grandchildren as well. Lets not leave them a major dump site to have to deal with.

You may recycle all of your batteries at Howard County Recycling District. Please make sure all 9 volt batteries are taped at the terminals, this will help with the possibility of sparking. This facility is open every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8am to 4pm, Wednesday 1pm to 4pm we are closed weekends and major holidays. This facility is for Howard County Households only, Business waste is prohibited.

Automotive batteries may also be taken to these various locations:

  • Newlon Metals
  • Hunts Salvage 
  • Omni Source

What Can I Recycle?

Automotive Wastes
Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste
Yard Waste