Check out our special programming!


Here is a list of some of the presentations, education and lessons that are offered on behalf of the Recycling District for schools, daycares, social groups, churches or non-profits:

  • How to Recycle and Why
  • Composting: Learn about our “secret recipe”
  • How do they do that? Taking care of our resources
  • Renewable is do-able
  • Litterbugs

There are two adult programs available as well, with more in progress. The current programs are:

  • An Introduction to the Howard County Recycling District
  • Recycle Right! 

There are many other lessons and “custom-made” education plans we would be happy to develop based on your school or organization’s needs. We are well versed in many areas of environmental science and education; therefore, give the District an idea and we will be happy to develop ideas as well as present the ones we already have in place. Give us a call at (765) 456-2274. If you prefer communicating by text, use our text line (765)-434-2252.